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Club Cinematic

Category: Sound Sets
Genres: Electronica
BPM: 120 BPM

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Club Cinematic is a unique soundset of 32 soundfiles split into 3 short contruction kits that a perfect accompaniments for soundtracks, ads, videos or music. Sticky EDM styled from hard to grooving to chill. Check the demo to see if this is something you can use.


Included sounds (click to preview)

120 Bass CC Fb
120 Bass Distort CC Fb
120 Bass Yeah1 CC A
120 Bass Yeah2 CC A
120 Bass Yeah3 CC A
120 Beat Electro1 CC
120 Beat Electro2 CC
120 Beat Huff CC
120 Beat Puff CC
120 Beat SabbaDo CC
120 Beat WangTang CC
120 Beat Whirl CC
120 Beat Yeah1 CC
120 Beat Yeah2 CC
120 Beat Yeah3 CC
120 Beat Yeah4 CC
120 Beat Yeah5 CC
120 Beat YeahBreak CC
120 Clavinet Yeah A
120 FXDrone CC
120 FXSuspense CC
120 FX ElecRhythm2 CC
120 FX ElectroRhythm CC
120 Piano Yeah1 A
120 Piano Yeah2 A
120 SynDronePad CC A
120 SynthFX CC A
120 Synth Arp CC Fb
120 Synth Lead CC Fb
120 Synth Pad CC Fb
120 Synth Rhythm CC Fb
120 Synth Strings Yeah A