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Scared & Crazy

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Genres: DJ Effects, Human

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Now scream your lungs out! Scared & Crazy is a collection of voice samples from old movies and includes scared screams, insane laughs and other vocal phrases. Have a listen!


Included sounds (click to preview)

Vox Crazy female laugh turns into cough
Vox Crazy laugh 01
Vox Crazy laugh 02
Vox Crying scared
Vox Doctor what is it cant you hear me doctor
Vox He is dead
Vox Iam trapped in here im trapped
Vox It is a long time since I have beaten you do you
Vox Its in the back
Vox Laughing 01
Vox Laughing 02
Vox Let me go please
Vox Male Screaming
Vox No no I beg of you
Vox Now scream your lungs out
Vox Scream agony
Vox Screaming in agony
Vox She does not know the meaning of fear
Vox Somebody is going to die
Vox Thats the scardest ever been
Vox There is a man in my room
Vox There is no one who can help me now
Vox Why are you staring at me
Vox You are not afraid daisy are you
Vox You must be insane youve gone mad over her