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SciFi FX Drops

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SciFi FX Drops contains 41 vintage sound files of LoFi SciFi FXs and vocal sound bites that are great for dropping into tracks for a comedic effect or for some retro imagery. Space is the Place!


Included sounds (click to preview)

FX Electro Takeoff
FX GunLaser
FX LoFi SpaceShipClang
FX Sci Fi 2
FX Scifi Laser Blast
FX Space Astromen 1
FX Space Astromen 2
FX Space FX01
FX Space FX10
FX Space FX11
FX Space FX12
FX Space FX14
FX Space FX16
FX Space FX17
FX Space FX22
FX Space FX30
FX Space FX33
FX Space FX34
FX Space FX35
FX Space FX36
FX Space FX41
FX Space FX42
FX Space FX45
FX Space FX47
FX Space FX49
FX Space FlyBy
FX Spacer Swish
FX Vox Alienish
Vox BlastOff Save
Vox Countdown
Vox Easily Controlled
Vox Flying Saucers
Vox I Am Not of This World
Vox Landing Minus 2
Vox Loud n Clear
Vox Now Hear This
Vox Step on Mars
Vox To Venus
Vox Voice No Man Has Heard
Vox WeCameOnFlyingShip
Vox Where R U Located