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Ruby vocaloid 2

RUBY ready to sing her heart out!

RUBY is a youthful female vocalist with a smooth, joyful sound with the power and soul to ”kick it out” when needed. Check out RUBY here »

Library access

Full Library Access

The massive PowerFX Individual sound library is a split into 2 sections: Loops and Samples and Sound Effects. You can purchase any sound individually or a Full Access License. Learn More »

Sample titles

Sample Titles

PowerFX has a fantastic collection of downloadable sample titles that are great resources for any music producer. We take pride with creating authentic and inspirational loops and sample tiles.
Check them out here »

Sound sets

Sound Sets

A Sound Set is a set of loops and sounds that work together, grouped in a specific genre, with the same tempo and tonal key for easy drag and drop use in the sequencer of your choice.
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DJ Samplr

Power up your DJ set with DJ Samplr, the iPhone app that includes over 300 sounds in a simple “drum pad style” interface with pad tap and hold pitch bend and panning. You can also record, edit and assign your own samples or import sounds via iTunes. Great to use in a live DJ setting or playing around at home, just plug you iPhone into your mixer and jam along with DJ Samplr by dropping in some great sounds or mangling them up with the touch of your finger. Learn More » Iphone

What we do

For over a decade, PowerFX has produced and digitally distributed the sounds producers, sound editors and musicians have needed. Find out why we have licensed sounds to customers like Apple Computers, Steinberg, Cakewalk, Denon, MOTU, Ableton, SanDisk, Yamaha, SVT or that our samples have appeared on countless of hit tracks, advertisements, television and movies.

Sounds from the library

Sound file big Tribal 11 Bass synth
TribalTechHouse, Loops & Samples

Sound file big Talking Drum 10
New World Ord..., Loops & Samples

Sound file big FT Bass Synth Nasty 5
Funktronica, Loops & Samples

Brostep cd 2 BroStep
Sample Titles, Electronica, 140 BPM