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Killer Construction kits that skillfully combine cutting edge bass and synth sounds with old world ethnic percussion loops. Vocal cuts of vocalists from South Africa, Algeria, Australia and the USA. Excellent collection of percussion hits like the Darbouka, Chinese Gongs, and an array of percussion.

Earthy rhythms, pounding basses and hypnotic synths will give yourtracks the spell casting quality needed to call attention to your tracks.

Producer Andreas Tyson put together an awesome collection of construction kits that include some superb sound design in meticulously shaped bass/synth sounds and thunderous dance floor calling beats.

The bonus loops are produced by the Invincible Production team from the innovative club label “Sound of Habib”, with additional material from top sample producer Bil Bryant and add another ritualistic swing thing.

PowerFX has recorded world/ethnic loops for Apple’s World Jam Pack and there own fantastic “World Loop Spice Rack” so the the world element is in full effect with rocking dumbeks, djembes, congas and frame drums from real players of middle eastern and african orgins.

Unlike most dance sample cds that have a hodge podge of percussion hits cut up from other sources, these sounds have been specifically recorded for TTH and the PowerFX sound library.

PowerFX engineer Frank Sanderson and Anders Carlsson, who have both recorded sounds that have been included in REASON 3 and Cakewalk’s Dimension have done a great job recording an array of percussion instruments. There are also field recordings of loops from Khalid El Habib in Algeria and from the PowerFX team.

The world rhythmic loops, hits and sounds make this product extremely useful in any other genre of dance music.

32 Construction Kits
125 Bonus Loops
371 Hits (Drums, Djembe, Darbouka, Congas, Bongos, Bells, Shakers, Frame Drums, Vocal Cutups and more…)
215 Rex files of beats and percussion loops

Total Files: 983