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Sweet Ann

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Explore new musical horizons with the ultimate voice synthesis tool! Vocaloid2 software enables users to type in words or lyrics, select a melody and hear the results “sung” back in perfect sync with their project! Vocaloid2 is not a “singer-in-box”, it’s a powerful, fully adjustable synthesis tool that helps users discover new creative possibilities by offering the innovative option of totally electronic vocal simulation & performance. Vocaloid2 is a must have for anyone who likes to push musical boundaries and create new styles that challenge the notion that “everything’s been done”.

Please write to support@powerfx.com upon purchasing Sweet Ann to get your personal activation code. Meanwhile, you can install and run the software without restriction for 5 days before activation is required.

Also note Sweet Ann is a Vocaloid 2 which is not officially supported on Windows 8 and 8.1 and higher Windows versions