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Urban Classical

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Genres: Hip Hop/Urban

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Urban Classical combines a string quartet with beats. Cinematic Hip Hop!

Urban Classical is a 27 loop Sound set including one string quartet with individual violin, viola and cello parts as well as the whole quartet playing against some funky street Hip Hop loops to make this a very usable and unique collection. Includes 2 basses, 9 beats, 7 strings and 9 synths. The strings were recorded in Moscow for the mega successful PowerFX title, “Downtown Strings”.


Included sounds (click to preview)

95 BassSynth1 Em7
95 BassSynth2 Em7
95 BeatBoxUC
95 BeatFunkyUC
95 BeatMood1UC
95 BeatMood2UC
95 BeatMovedUC
95 BeatOdy1
95 BeatOdy2
95 BeatOdy3
95 BeatStreetUC
95 String Quartet1 E
95 String Quartet2 E
95 Strings Cello E
95 Strings Viola E
95 Strings Violin1 E
95 Strings Violin2a E
95 Strings Violin2b E
95 SynthArp 1 E
95 SynthArp 2 E
95 SynthLeadOdy1a E
95 SynthLeadOdy1b E
95 SynthLeadOdy2a E
95 SynthLeadOdy2b E
95 SynthLeadOdy2c E
95 SynthPadOdy3 E
95 SynthPadOdy4 E