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Pfx ss 10022

Acoustic Bass

Category: Sound Sets
Genres: Hip Hop/Urban
BPM: 100 BPM

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Acoustic Bass is a 24 loop Sound Set is a cool n funky acoustic bass lines.

This 24 loop Sound Set is a cool n funky collection of upright bass lines played by NY bass ace Reg Powe. Perfect for hip hop and jazzy downtempo things.


Included sounds (click to preview)

100 BassAcoustic10 C
100 BassAcoustic11 C
100 BassAcoustic12 C
100 BassAcoustic13 C
100 BassAcoustic14 C
100 BassAcoustic15 C
100 BassAcoustic16 C
100 BassAcoustic17 C
100 BassAcoustic18 C
100 BassAcoustic19 C
100 BassAcoustic1 C
100 BassAcoustic20 C
100 BassAcoustic21 C
100 BassAcoustic22 C
100 BassAcoustic23 C
100 BassAcoustic24 C
100 BassAcoustic2 C
100 BassAcoustic3 C
100 BassAcoustic4 C
100 BassAcoustic5 C
100 BassAcoustic6 C
100 BassAcoustic7 C
100 BassAcoustic8 C
100 BassAcoustic9 C