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Pfx ss 10025

Speed Rock

Category: Sound Sets
Genres: Rock
BPM: 170 BPM

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Speed Rock is a 28 loop Sound Set is burning kit with guitars, bass and drums.

Speed Rock is a Pendulum style SoundSet with 28 hard rocking guitars, basses and drum n bass style drums. The guitar leads and rhythm folow a chord progression that rocks in the fast lane! Can be used in half time at 85 bpm.


Included sounds (click to preview)

170 Bass1 D
170 Bass2 D
170 Bass3 D
170 Bass4 D
170 Bass5 D
170 Bass6 D
170 Bass7 D
170 Bass8 D
170 Bass9 D
170 Drums Cymbang
170 Drums Etalic1
170 Drums Etalic2
170 Drums Etalic3
170 Drums Etalic4
170 Drums Lum1
170 Drums Lum2
170 Drums Lum3
170 Drums Rumble
170 Drums Tuff
170 Guitar1 D
170 Guitar2 D
170 Guitar3 D
170 Guitar4 D
170 Guitar5 D
170 Guitar6 D
170 Guitar7 D
85 Drums Bigslo
85 Drums CymBang