Sound Sets / Hard Dance

Pfx ss 10032

Hard Dance

Category: Sound Sets
Genres: Electronica
BPM: 140 BPM

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Hard Dance is a 21 loop Sound Set of dutch influenced hard style club anthem elements.

Hard Dance is a power driven Sound Set of inter-related basses, synths, drums and beats stems of dance floor grabbers.


Included sounds (click to preview)

140 BassSynth HD1 D
140 BassSynth HD2 D
140 BassSynth HD3 D
140 Beat HD1
140 Beat HD2
140 Crash HD
140 HiHats HD1
140 HiHats HD2
140 Kick HD
140 Ride HD
140 Snare HD1
140 Snare HD2
140 SynthLead HD1 D
140 SynthLead HD2 D
140 SynthLead HD3 D
140 SynthLead HD4 D
140 SynthLead HD5 D
140 SynthLead HD6 D
140 SynthLead HD7 D
140 SynthScreamer HD1 D
140 SynthScreamer HD2 D