Sound Sets / Rock-N-Rave

Pfx ss 10040


Category: Sound Sets
Genres: Electronica
BPM: 130 BPM

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Guitars and tech synths create a hot Raver rock sound.

Rock N Rave is a unique 30 loop rocktronica sound set that combines 90’s style techno and acid synths and big beat drums with big hair guitars and rocking basses.


Included sounds (click to preview)

130 BassSynth1 C
130 Bass But
130 Bass Dumhum C
130 Bass ETech C
130 Bass RR1 C
130 Bass Rava C
130 Beat BigBeating
130 Beat ClubIn
130 Beat Distorkik
130 Beat Dorfer
130 Beat FXtor
130 Beat Smack
130 Drumzai
130 GuitarLead RR1 C
130 GuitarLead RR2 C
130 GuitarRhythm RR1 C
130 GuitarRhythm RR2 C
130 GuitarRhythm RR3 C
130 GuitarRhythm RR4 C
130 GuitarRhythm RR5 C
130 GuitarRiff RR1 C
130 GuitarRiff RR2 C
130 Guitar Crunch C
130 Guitar Reek A
130 Percus Smack
130 SynthStabs1 C
130 SynthStabs2 C
130 Synth Squirt C
130 Synth StabFX C
130 Synth Wiz C