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Country Cookin

Category: Sound Sets
Genres: Country
BPM: 120 BPM

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Country Cookin is a down home, hay stomping, barn burner!

The Country Cookin sound set includes 26 loops of banjo, mandolin, drums, bass, fiddle, guitar and pedal steel. So if you need some down home country picking, this here sound set is “blue ribbon” certified!


Included sounds (click to preview)

120 Banjo Cookin1 C
120 Banjo Cookin2 C
120 Banjo Cookin3 C
120 Banjo Cookin4 C
120 Bass Cookin1 C
120 Bass Cookin2 C
120 Bass Cookin3 C
120 Dobro Cookin1 C
120 Dobro Cookin2 C
120 Dobro Cookin3 C
120 Drums Cookin1
120 Drums Cookin2
120 Drums Cookin3
120 Drums Cookin4
120 Drums Cookin5
120 Fiddle Cookin1 C
120 Fiddle Cookin2 C
120 Guitar Cookin1 C
120 Guitar Cookin2 C
120 Guitar Cookin3 C
120 Guitar Cookin4 C
120 Guitar Cookin5 C
120 Mandocello Cookin C
120 Mandolin Cookin1 C
120 Mandolin Cookin2 C
120 PedalSteel Cookin C