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Pfx ss 10050

Tech Rock Madness

Category: Sound Sets
Genres: Electronica
BPM: 120 BPM

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Tech Rock Madness is the industrial strength colLABoration of guitars, beats and attitude!

Tech Rock Madnesss is a cross genre collision of abrasive synths and FXs, hard cut guitars, brittle basses and bashy beats. This 23 loop sound set is not for the faint of heart or for individuals who dress in white socks and sandals.


Included sounds (click to preview)

120 Bass TR1 C
120 Bass TR2 C
120 Bass TR3 C
120 Bass TR4 C
120 Beat TR1
120 Beat TR2
120 Beat TR3
120 Drums TR1
120 Drums TR2
120 FXSynthTR C
120 FX Rhythm TR1
120 Guitar TR1 C
120 Guitar TR2 C
120 Guitar TR3 C
120 Guitar TR4 C
120 Guitar TR5 C
120 Guitar TR6 C
120 Guitar TR7 C
120 Guitar TR8 C
120 Guitar TR9 C
120 Synth TR1 C
120 Synth TR2 C
120 Synth TR3 C