Sound Sets / Funky Jazz House

Pfx ss 10051

Funky Jazz House

Category: Sound Sets
Genres: Electronica
BPM: 125 BPM

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Funky Jazz House is the cool & groovin’ late night, it’s alright, construction kit of delite!

Funky Jazz House is the smooth and swinging 27 loop Sound Set of basslines, beats, guitars, percussion, synths and vocals. A touch of Brazil with Nu Jazz and danceable House.


Included sounds (click to preview)

125 Bass1 FJH Cm
125 Bass2 FJH Cm
125 Beat1 FJH
125 Beat2 FJH
125 Beat3 FJH
125 Beat3 SSH
125 BeatBuz FJH
125 BeatSlick FJH
125 Clap FJH
125 Congas FJH
125 Epiano1 FJH Cm
125 Epiano2 FJH Cm
125 FX Echo FJH
125 FX Vocal FJH Cm
125 HiHat1 FJH
125 HiHat2 FJH
125 Kick FJH
125 Snare HiHat1 FJH
125 SynthLead FJH Cm
125 SynthPad1 FJH Cm
125 SynthPad2 FJH Cm
125 SynthRiff1 FJH Cm
125 SynthRiff2 FJH Cm
125 Vocals1 FJH Cm
125 Vocals2 FJH Cm
125 Vocals3 FJH Cm