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Pfx ss 10160

Ambient Dub

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Genres: Electronica

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Ambient Dub is a cool and spacey ride into the ethnosphere of groove!

The Ambient Dub soundset is a 26 loop merge of ambient pads, bass, beats, percussion and FX. Includes a bassline and sound design from Bill Laswell, FX and beats from DJ Spooky and il-B1. The worlds of dub and illbient collide and manifest into …..something…..interesting!


Included sounds (click to preview)

85 Bass Am
85 Beat Box9ty
85 Beat Clang
85 Beat Dirtbox
85 Beat Ezee
85 Beat Mare
85 Beat Mixer
85 Beat Pap
85 Beat Qcut
85 Beat Spooky
85 Conga Djembe
85 Cymbal Ride
85 FX Alpha
85 FX Broadcast
85 FX Helix
85 FX Spooky
85 FX Wind
85 PianoRhodes Amin9
85 PianoWurlitzer Dmin7
85 Tabla FXed
85 Tablas
85 Viola A
FX Astro
FX Noizsee
FX Synth Pad2 A
FX Synth Pad A