Sound Sets / Dirty South Vol.1

Dirty south vol.1

Dirty South Vol.1

Category: Sound Sets
Genres: Hip Hop/Urban

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Packed full with those banging 808s representing the Dirty South sound to a Crunked out audience.
Snapping snares, Brass, Strings and Claps that just won’t quit. It’s hazy in herre!


Included sounds (click to preview)

75 Brass Pad A Sharp
75 Brass Pad D Sharp
75 Claps
75 Closed HiHat
75 Dirty Crash
75 Dirty Synth Whine A Sharp
75 Dirty Synth Whine D Sharp
75 Full Beat 1
75 Full Beat 2
75 Open HiHat
75 Snare
75 Snare Break
75 Strings Pad A Sharp
75 Strings Pad D Sharp
75 Strings Stabs A Sharp
75 Strings Stabs D Sharp
75 Tuned 808 A Sharp
75 Tuned 808 F
75 Vocal Hey