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Demon Drum n Bass

Category: Sound Sets
BPM: 160 BPM

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Demon Drum n Bass is a 23 loop Sound Set of burning breaks, and dark hard sounds. Packed with great sound effects, hard n dark bass n synth sounds.Demon DnB is a great collection of impactful sounds to create an agreesive Drumnbass style song or soundbite.


Included sounds (click to preview)

160 BassSynthRip E
160 BassSynthShort E
160 Bass Chilli E
160 Bass FunkyFX A
160 Bass Fuzzer E
160 Beat Buzzer
160 Beat Flip
160 Beat Kixer
160 Beat Pocket
160 Beat QuickStep
160 Beat Spaz
160 Beat TinDrum
160 Drum Basher
160 Guitar Assault E
160 Guitar CrunchChord E
160 Guitar Ripper E
160 Guitar Ugly2 E
160 Guitar Ugly E
FX Police Siren
FX SynthPad Mellow E
FX SynthPad Sad E
FX SynthPad Steady E
FX Train Siren