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Ambient Breaks

Category: Sound Sets
Genres: Hip Hop/Urban

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Ambient Breaks is the 32 loop multipurpose soundset. Ambient Breaks where ambient synth pads and dark basses meet urban beats and double time breaks. Useful for downtempo, hip hop, ambient or DnB.


Included sounds (click to preview)

80 BassSynth Cooped C
80 Beat 2Timed
80 Beat Bark
80 Beat BoomBapz
80 Beat BuzzHole
80 Beat Darkness
80 Beat Distient
80 Beat Distortomatic
80 Beat Factotum
80 Beat Grotto
80 Beat Lash
80 Beat OldSchoolbient
80 Beat Swirlic
80 Beat Syncussed
80 FX Ambient Groove
80 FX Earthling 1
80 FX Earthling 2
80 Kick Stall
80 Synth Lighthat G
80 Synth Litt C
80 Synth Nastier C
80 Synth Nasty C
80 Synth OverTone C
80 Synth SpookTop E
80 Synth Squelsh E
80 Synth Unsafe 1
FX Breath
FX Generator Pad
FX SynthPad After C
FX Word Aou
FX Word Glide
FX Word Knobbed