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Genres: Rock
BPM: 130 BPM

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Rockin is a hot trio rocking out like it´s 1972!
Real drums, basses and guitar riffs, rhythms and leads
this 70s style rock n roll soundset, with 34 loops, is an excellent source for rock tracks. The bell bottom factor- super wide.


Included sounds (click to preview)

130 Bass Rockin1 E
130 Bass Rockin2 E
130 Bass Rockin3 E
130 Bass Rockin4 E
130 Bass Rockin5 E
130 Bass Rockin6 E
130 Bass Rockin7 E
130 Bass Rockin8 E
130 Cowbell Rockin
130 Drums DoubleBass Bell
130 Drums DoubleBass Cym
130 Drums DoubleBass HalfTime
130 Drums Funkyrock1
130 Drums Funkyrock2
130 Drums Funkyrock3
130 Drums RockinStraight1
130 Drums RockinStraight2
130 Drums Rockpop1
130 Drums Rockpop2
130 Guitar Chord Vox E
130 Guitar Hammer E
130 Guitar RockLead1 E
130 Guitar RockLead2 E
130 Guitar RockLead3 E
130 Guitar RockLead4 E
130 Guitar RockRhythm1 E
130 Guitar RockRhythm2 E
130 Guitar RockRhythm3 E
130 Guitar RockRhythm4 E
130 Guitar RockRiff1 E
130 Guitar RockRiff2 E
130 Guitar RockinTriplet E
130 Guitar Rollin1 E
130 Guitar Rollin2 E