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Trailer producer fx v.1

Trailer Producer FX

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Trailer Producer is a great source for cinematic sound effects. Trailer Producer contains 31 creepy synth drones and pads, whooshes, sucks, bangs and fly by effects that are perfect for movie trailers, commercials and songs needing sounds from the abyss.


Included sounds (click to preview)

FX Wah Swoosh
FX Air Burst
FX Air Matchz
FX Big Pass
FX Bomb Lo
FX DarkPadCinema
FX Dark Cartoonic
FX Elektro Swoosh
FX Flash Flush
FX Flash Hit
FX FlySuck
FX GunShot
FX Hum Swoosh
FX Mellotalic
FX MonsterPad
FX Power Woosh
FX Ripper
FX Rise Whoosh
FX RisenBang
FX SciFi Flutter
FX Short Swish
FX ShotHit
FX Swoosh 1
FX Swoosh Slinky
FX Synpad Synthyard
FX SynthPad Monkz C
FX SynthPad Planescape C
FX White Whoosh
FX Whoosh Metallic rush
FX Woosh by
FX Zap Lo