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Genres: World
BPM: 120 BPM

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Afrobeat is a deep,earthy and funky virtual band groove.
This soundset contains 24 loops of Nigerian style music based on the playing of Fela, Tony Allen and King Sunny.
Guitar rhythms, drums, percussion, bass and the cheesy hip acetone organ!


Included sounds (click to preview)

120 Bass1 AfroBt D
120 Bass2 AfroBt D
120 Djembe AfroBt
120 DrumCrash AfroBt
120 Drums1 AfroBt
120 Drums2 AfroBt
120 Drums3 AfroBt
120 Drums4 AfroBt
120 Drums5 AfroBt
120 Drums6 AfroBt
120 Drums7 AfroBt
120 Guitar1 AfroBt D
120 Guitar2 AfroBt D
120 Guitar3 AfroBt D
120 Guitar4 AfroBt D
120 Organ1 AfroBt D
120 Organ2 AfroBt D
120 Organ3 AfroBt D
120 Organ4 AfroBt D
120 Percussion Bells
120 Percussion Cabasa1
120 Percussion Cabasa2
120 Percussion Frog
120 TalkingDrum AfroBt