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Trailer producer v2

Trailer Producer FX 2

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Trailer Producer Vol. 2 is another great source for cinematic sound effects. Trailer Producer contains 36 pads, whooshes, booms, bangs and fly by effects that are perfect for movie trailers, commercials and songs needing the impact factor.


Included sounds (click to preview)

FX AirCycle Pad
FX BassKicks
FX Boom1
FX Boom2
FX Buzz
FX CrunchSynth
FX DigitalScratch
FX DigitalScratch2
FX FighterSweep
FX Fireball
FX FlashBomb
FX KaosSwirl
FX MonkPad
FX NoiseRiseFall
FX Pad Ambience
FX Pad DeepRising
FX Pad Metallic
FX Pad SciFi
FX Pad Scream
FX Pad Space
FX Pad Sweet
FX ReverseSweep
FX RisingSweep
FX Rumble
FX Rumble Squeak
FX SciFiCreak
FX SciFiPhone
FX Smash Glass
FX SynSonicHarley
FX Synpad Chudder
FX Twisted Pad
FX Whoosh Deep
FX Whoosh Deep2
FX Whoosh Phase
FX Whoosh Transformer
FX Whoosh long