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Creepy synth fx

Creepy Synth FX

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Genres: DJ Effects

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If you like to skip and whistle or sing show tunes in the shower, DO NOT get this Soundset. This horrific set contains 32 sound bites that will have you sleeping with the lights for months.


Included sounds (click to preview)

105 Syn Slide
120 Syn LoFiTone E
130 Syn Reso E
80 Syn SpookTop E
80 Syn Squelsh E
90 Syn OverClocked Bb
90 Syn PlainWeird Bb
90 Syn Scarce Gb
90 Syn SpealOff A
FX SciFipad Station
FX SynthPad InOrbitz
FX SynthPad Ovarium
FX Synth ColdHardVox
FX Synth Prophetone
FX Synth ShortAir
FX Synth SpaceHorror
FX Synthetic TV Show
FX Synthpad Coup
FX Synthpad DroneX
FX Synthpad Dungeon
FX Synthpad Generate
FX Synthpad MotorFog
FX Synthpad NastyDraw E
FX Synthpad ProphetVibe
FX Synthpad ProphetX
FX Synthpad Propheting
FX Synthpad SawMatic Db
FX Synthpad SpinDizzy
FX Synthpad StellarWinds
FX Synthpad Uneasy
FX Synthpad Unfare
FX Synthpad Unnerving