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130 2ec

Electro Clashmatic

Category: Sound Sets
Genres: Electronica
BPM: 130 BPM

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Electro Clashmatic is the 30 loop soundset of retro electro heaven. Vintage instruments played and programmed by vintage folks for some real early 80´s style “analogica”. Includes Keys, Beats, basses, FX but no thin ties. *Soundation is not responsible for anyone who fancies a mullet after purchasing!


Included sounds (click to preview)

130 Bass Electro1 D
130 Bass Electro2 D
130 Bass Electro4 D
130 Bass Electro5 D
130 Bass Electro6 D
130 Beat Electro1
130 Beat Electro10
130 Beat Electro11
130 Beat Electro12
130 Beat Electro2
130 Beat Electro3
130 Beat Electro4
130 Beat Electro5
130 Beat Electro6
130 Beat Electro7
130 Beat Electro8
130 Beat Electro9
130 SynthArp Electro1 D
130 SynthArp Electro2 D
130 SynthArp Electro3 D
130 SynthArp Electro4 D
130 Synth Electro1 D
130 Synth Electro2 D
130 Synth Electro3 D
130 Synth Electro4 D
130 Synth Electro5 D
130 Synth Electro6 D
130 Synthpad Electro1 D
FX Electro 1
FX Electro 2