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Introducing ”YOHIOloid”, the exciting new Vocaloid 3 artist based on YOHIO, the 17 year old international recording star from Sweden. An accomplished singer and guitarist, YOHIO taught himself Japanese and has released an album singing in Japanese on Universal Japan Records as well as an English version on Ninetone Records/Universal Music AB. He was also the runner up in Swedish ‘The Melody Festival’ in 2013 with his song “Heartbreak Hotel”.

YOHIOloid is a very versatile addition to the Vocaloid artist roster with a voice that is strong but dynamically sensitive.

This download of YOHIOloid contains both the English and Japanese versions with the Tiny VOCALOID 3 Editor. Size of download 1.57 GB.

*Tiny VOCALOID3 Editor has the following functionalities:
Inputting lyrics and automatic conversion to phonemes
Handles a maximum of 17 measures of text
Assigning musical expression templates from an Icon Palette
Sending notes, lyrics and musical expression to the Synthesis Engine
Saving vocal data as a .wav file
Changing synthesis parameters
Effects (Reverb only)
Playback .wav files

*Upon purchasing Yohioloid, you’ll receive your personal activation code by email.

System requirements:
OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8, 8.1
CPU: Celeron Dual Core 2.1GHz or more
RAM: 1GB or more

ここで紹介します”YOHIOloid” はエキサイティングなVocaloid3新音源。ベースとなった“YOHIO”は17歳のスウェーデン出身の国際的スター。深い音楽的素養に裏打ちされたシンガー兼ギターリスト“YOHIO”は日本語を独学で身につけ、Universal Japan Recordsから日本語アルバムを発売中。”なお、英語版もNinetone Records/Universal Music ABから発売中。さらに、彼は持ち歌である“Heartbreak Hotel”でSwedish ‘The Melody Festival’ in 2013にも参加しています。


YOHIOloidのDL版には、日本語版と英語版の2つのバージョンとTiny VOCALOID 3 Editor.が内包されています。ファイルサイズは1.57GB。

OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8, 8.1
CPU: Celeron Dual Core 2.1GHz 以上
RAM: 1GB 以上


Thanks to Ashiotone-P(足音P)who translated.

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