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106 horrortrap

Horror Trap

Category: Sound Sets
Genres: Hip Hop/Urban
BPM: 106 BPM

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Horror Trap is the creepy 32 loop soundset of beats, basses, synths, thermin and voices that ooze on to your productions like a dark shadow.


Included sounds (click to preview)

106 Air Massive
106 Bass Sub2 Ebm
106 Bass Sub Ebm
106 Beat Dirge HT
106 Beat Often HT
106 FX RhythmFilter HT
106 FX Tools1 HT
106 FX Tools2 HT
106 FX Vaccum HT
106 HiHat 1 HT
106 HiHat 2 HT
106 Kick 808 HS
106 Kick HT
106 Kick Tonal bassdrum
106 Perc Shaker HT
106 Snare Chek HT
106 Synth AirScare Ebm
106 Synth KingBuzz2 Ebm
106 Synth KingBuzz Ebm
106 Synth Squeeze Ebm
106 Synth Thermin long Eb
106 Synth TrapDark Ebm
106 Synth Voicz Ebm
DEMO 106 Horror Trap
FX AirWub Hit HT
FX KikWub Hit HT
FX Snare Fill HT
Vox He is Dying HT
Vox Look upon my face
Vox Mad Laughter
Vox Whisper HT 1
Vox Whisper HT 2
Vox Who R U