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Drark trap

Dark Trap

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Genres: Hip Hop/Urban

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Dark Trap is the cinematica Trap style soundset consisting of 31 loops and sound clips. Modern, strong but sparse sounding collection is produced by Al Sween in the key of Ebm.


Included sounds (click to preview)

70 Beat CruizeX DT
70 Beat Cruize DT
70 Beat Quickend DT
70 Beat Warp DT
70 Clap DT
70 FX BreathChant DT
70 FX Cosmic Steps
70 HiHat 2 DT
70 HiHat DT
70 Kick 1 DT
70 Kick 2 DT
70 Kick 3 DT
70 Kick 808 DT
70 Perc Stomp DT
70 Snare 1 DT
70 Snare 2 DT
70 Syn FlutterScreech
70 Syn Watrey
70 Syn glek
70 SynthString Pizzicato Ebm
70 Synth Brass DT Ebm
70 Synth Freeze2 DT Ebm
70 Synth Freeze DT Ebm
70 Synth Riff DT Ebm
70 Synth Square DT Ebm
70 Synth Trance DT Ebm
FX AirPanWhoosh2 DT
FX AirPanWhoosh DT
FX SynthPad OffSpring Eb
FX SynthPad Side Eb
Vox Nightmare wouldnot Stop