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Tech trap

Tech Trap

Category: Sound Sets
Genres: Hip Hop/Urban
BPM: 120 BPM

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Tech Trap is the upbeat trap styled soundset containing 33 loops and FX clips. Urban EDM vibed basses, drums, synths and rhythmic effects make this a great addition to your sound arsenal and useable in a variety of genres with the
60/120bpm halftime pulse.


Included sounds (click to preview)

120 Bass Sub2 TechTrap Bm
120 Bass Sub TechTrap Bm
120 Beat Qstep TechTrap
120 Beat Qting TechTrap
120 Beat TeKTrP2 TechTrap
120 Beat TeKTrP TechTrap
120 Beat Tribe TechTrap
120 Beat TulBa TechTrap
120 BreathChant TechTrap
120 Clap TechTrap
120 FX Echo Man
120 FX ElectroCricketz
120 FX Electro Whisper
120 FX SpeakTape Loop
120 FX ZapTunnel Walk
120 HiHat TechTrap
120 Kick2 TechTrap
120 Kick3 TechTrap
120 Kick TechTrap
120 Rhythm TekTik
120 Shaker TechTrap
120 Snare TechTrap
120 Synth3 TechTrap Bm
120 Synth4 TechTrap Bm
120 Synth 1 TechTrap Bm
120 Synth Resonator TechTrap Bm
120 Synth TechTrap Bm
120 TomFill TechTrap
FX Analog Tape Delay
FX Electric Windchime TechTrap
FX ElectroSwish TechTrap
FX Horn DoomHit TechTrap