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“The technique is perfect!” A collection of words and phrases from old dusty movies to use in your music and to manipulate! The samples speak for themselves.


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Vox What the hell are you going to do with a machine gun
Vox What is that noise I dont know
Vox Tonight I have a rare treat in store for you
Vox To hell with them
Vox This is the devils work
Vox The technique is perfect
Vox Thats a job for Tarzan
Vox That sounds pretty good
Vox Tales of murder of madness of dark deeds
Vox Take it better than a cactus plant
Vox Shit man I eat steak every night costs me 15 bucks my body needs the protein
Vox Please not mr warlock
Vox Perhaps its just a question of style
Vox Oh how interesting
Vox Oh by the way
Vox Now this is the best persuader in the world
Vox Listen
Vox Ladies and gentlemen
Vox Ive never had so much fun in my life
Vox I put my hands up
Vox I put my hands down
Vox I have a feeling that this whole business isnt over yet
Vox I am the master
Vox Here is a tale for you
Vox Hello again
Vox Get a job get an education learn a skill so they can pay you 4 bucks an hour
Vox For something
Vox For revenge
Vox Damn
Vox Cut
Vox Control yourself
Vox Because I am an inspector and I can say anything I want to
Vox And now
Vox And im dropping my hair right now
Vox Absolutely no soul