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A collection of 30 movie quotes from old horror movies! Great vocal samples for those darker tracks that may need a touch of evil. You need to know the terror!


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Vox A few minutes and the drums will sound
Vox Chaos
Vox Chill your blood and fill your sleeping hours with dreams of horror
Vox Does not a vampire struggle in the death agony
Vox Endless cycle of destruction
Vox Evil is old and has always been with us
Vox For flesh
Vox Have you ever seen this evil eye in action
Vox Here is a little preview to wet your appetites
Vox I do not fear you
Vox It will devaur you bit by bit
Vox Oh its foul in here even smells dead
Vox Poor blood upon the ground and the ghosts rush
Vox She does not know the meaning of fear
Vox She signed a pact in blood
Vox Thats part of the ceremony then the corps rises as a zombie
Vox The devil will protect me
Vox The shadows grew together in the night
Vox The war the war will begin
Vox Though we poured sweet virgin blood to him
Vox Torture vampirism rape
Vox Un Holy
Vox We have conquered death is that unholy
Vox We have tamed the monster that once devoured us
Vox What if you bring her back and find she comes back without a soul
Vox Why does the blood I bathe in not work
Vox Yes and its burning its burning in me like a fire
Vox You must be insane youve gone mad over her
Vox You need to know the terror
Vox You want to live in the ways of rightousness dont you