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EDT Vol.1

Category: Sound Sets
Genres: Electronica
BPM: 135 BPM

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EDT Vol.1 contains 27 bass, drums and percussive effects loops that fit nicely with a variety of music styles and it´s companion title to EDT Vol.2. EDT stands for Electro Dub Trap with all melodic loops in the key of F.


Included sounds (click to preview)

135 Bass Bungle ET F
135 Bass Converter ET F
135 Bass DeeLo ET F
135 Bass Fazline ET F
135 Bass Moog ET F
135 Bass RevChain ET F
135 Bass Sub1 ET F
135 Beat DrivePop1
135 Beat DrivePop2
135 Beat FXed ET
135 Beat HesoHouse
135 Beat Zipper
135 Cymbal Spazzer ET
135 FX BeatWarp ET
135 FX BuzzBee
135 FX Clerk F
135 FX EchoMan ET
135 FX Pong ET
135 FX VoxWah ET F
135 FX VoxWoah F
135 FX Vox Monk F
135 Perc CupPan ET
135 Perc Delayed ET
135 Perc FXz ET
135 Percus Trapesque ET
135 SnareKick ET
135 Snare Scrape ET