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135 edt1

EDT Vol.1

Category: Sound Sets
Genres: Electronica
BPM: 135 BPM

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EDT Vol.1 contains 27 bass, drums and percussive effects loops that fit nicely with a variety of music styles and it´s companion title to EDT Vol.2. EDT stands for Electro Dub Trap with all melodic loops in the key of F.


Included sounds (click to preview)

135 FX BuzzBee
135 FX Clerk F
135 Bass Bungle ET F
135 Bass Converter ET F
135 Bass DeeLo ET F
135 Bass Fazline ET F
135 Bass Moog ET F
135 Bass RevChain ET F
135 Bass Sub1 ET F
135 Beat DrivePop1
135 Beat DrivePop2
135 Beat FXed ET
135 Beat HesoHouse
135 Beat Zipper
135 Cymbal Spazzer ET
135 FX BeatWarp ET
135 FX EchoMan ET
135 FX Pong ET
135 FX VoxWah ET F
135 FX VoxWoah F
135 FX Vox Monk F
135 Perc CupPan ET
135 Perc Delayed ET
135 Perc FXz ET
135 Percus Trapesque ET
135 SnareKick ET
135 Snare Scrape ET