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Dj fx vol1

DJ FX Vol. 1

Category: Sound Sets
Genres: DJ Effects

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DJ FX Volume 1 contains 40 one shot and looped files that are excellent to use in a variety of genres and situations like drops, transitions or just plain in your face impacts.


Included sounds (click to preview)

FX ElectroSky
125 BighitzFX C
125 FalconlazerFX C
125 HoovertubeFX C
125 OptimumFX C
125 RubbercaveFX C
125 SpaceratsFX C
125 TransitFX C
95 ScratchHit
FX Abrasive
FX Analog Spin
FX Bassbeams C
FX Button Analog
FX Button Cut
FX Buzz Hit
FX Dance Stab 1
FX Dance Stab 2
FX Dance Stab 3
FX Dance Stab 4
FX Dub Chord C
FX Dub Drum Hit
FX Dub Kick
FX Dub Tabla
FX Dub Yo
FX Electro Rip
FX Firetruck Horn
FX LFO Rocket
FX Laser Shots
FX Lo 8Bit Game
FX Moog Knob
FX Ohmm Hit
FX Pac Double FX
FX Punch-Shot
FX Scary Fback
FX Scratch Tape Hit
FX Space Blip
FX Space Burp C
FX SynthCream
FX Tape ReStop
Harp Glissendo Up