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100 west coast hip hop

West Coast Hip Hop

Category: Sound Sets
Genres: Hip Hop/Urban
BPM: 100 BPM

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West Coast Hip Hop is the NOW sound in contemporary urban music and producer Al Sween nails it with this 23 loop soundset of synths, beats, bass drops and percussion. All lined up and ready take your music over to the left side.


Included sounds (click to preview)

100 Bass Drop1 WC Eb
100 Bass Drop2 WC Eb
100 Bass Synth WC Ebm
100 Beat 909 WC
100 Chant WC Ebm
100 Clap WC
100 Conga FX WC
100 Cowbell WC
100 Cymbal Rhythm WC
100 Hi Hat WC
100 Kick 3a Shaker WC
100 Kick WC
100 Percus Weird WC
100 Piano Chords WC Ebm
100 Piano Ele WC Ebm
100 Scratch WC
100 Snare WC
100 Synth Perc WC Ebm
100 Synth Saw WC Ebm
100 Synth WC Ebm
100 Tublar Bell WC Ebm
100 Whistle Synth WC Ebm
100 Wood Block WC