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120 hip n b

Hip n B

Category: Sound Sets
Genres: Hip Hop/Urban
BPM: 120 BPM

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Hip n B is the 30 loop soundset that combines urban Trap with jazzy R&B for a futuristic Hip Hop vibe. Dreamfunk synths, electric piano,bass, beat stems, drums and FXs make this unique halftime groover a must addition to your collection. 120/60 bpm.


Included sounds (click to preview)

120 Bass Synth HipnB Db
120 Clap Stem HipnB
120 Crash Stem HipnB
120 Cymbal Reverse Stem HipnB
120 Drums Fourz1 HipnB
120 Drums Fourz2 Hipn
120 FX Stem HipnB
120 Hi Hat Stem1 HipnB
120 Hi Hat Stem2 HipnB
120 Hi Hat Stem3 HipnB
120 Hi Hat Stem4 HipnB
120 Kick 808 Stem HipnB Db
120 Kick Stem HipnB
120 Perc Stomp HipnBr
120 Perc Tap Tock HipnB
120 Piano Ele Chords HipnB Db
120 Rim Stem HipnB
120 Shaker Stem HipnB
120 Sleigh Bell Stem HipnB
120 Snare Stem1 HipnB
120 Snare Stem2 HipnB
120 Synth ARP Padline HipnB Db
120 Synth Cello HipnB Db
120 Synth Fizz HipnB Db
120 Synth Hard HipnB Db
120 Synth Melody HipnB Db
120 Synth Riff HipnB Db
120 Synth Strings Rev HipnB Db
120 Triangle Stem HipnB
120 WoodBlock Stem HipnB