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120 island bounce

Island Bounce

Category: Sound Sets
Genres: Hip Hop/Urban
BPM: 120 BPM

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Island Bounce soundaset is a unique combination of Urban EDM with good time Caribbean vibes. Contains 40 bouncing loops and samples that are vary useful in various musical styles.


Included sounds (click to preview)

120 BPM Snare Rim A Major
120 Bass Bounce IB A
120 Bass Synth IB A
120 Beat Bounce IB
120 Beat Changer IB
120 Beat Jumpz IB
120 Beat Soca IB
120 Clap Stem IB
120 CymbalCrashFX Stem IB
120 FX 1 IB A
120 FX 2 IB A
120 HiHat 1 Stem IB
120 HiHat 2 Stem IB
120 HiHat 3 Stem IB
120 HiHat 4 Stem IB
120 Kick Stem IB.
120 Organ IB A
120 Perc BoxBottle IB
120 Perc Tin Stem IB
120 Reverse Cymbal Stem IB
120 Scratch IB
120 Snare1 Stem IB.
120 Snare2 Stem IB.
120 Snare Reverb Stem IB
120 Synth Bubble IB A
120 Synth ChoirPad1 IB A
120 Synth ChoirPad2 IB A
120 Synth Chords IB A
120 Synth Lead IB A
120 Synth Popcorn IB A
120 Synth Riff IB A
120 Toms Stem IB
Drum Fill 1 IB
Drum Fill 2 IB
FX Analog Tape
FX Analog Tape Delay IB
FX Swoosh 1
Guitar Chord IB A
Organ Chord IB A
Vox JustTheDrums IB