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80 drumline


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Genres: Hip Hop/Urban

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Drumline is the tough hitting 36 file Hip Hop based soundset of Bass, Synths, FXs, Drum Stems and Beats. Perfect for all you beat cadets looking for a resource to create some “at attention” type tracks.


Included sounds (click to preview)

80 Bass DL Bm
80 Beat 2Speed DL
80 Beat 4Floor DL
80 Beat Boiler DL
80 Beat Roll1 DL
80 Beat Roll2 DL
80 Clap Stem B
80 Crash Cymbal DL
80 DrumMarch Quad1 Stem DL
80 DrumMarch Quad2 Stem DL
80 DrumMarch Stem DL
80 FX Reverse Cymbal Stem DL
80 FX Synth Echo Bm
80 Hi Hat Open Stem DL
80 Hi Hat Stem DL
80 Kick Stem DL
80 Perc DrumMarch Tut DL
80 Reverb Snare Reverb Stem DL
80 Rimbell Stem DL
80 Snare FX Stem DL
80 Snare Roll Stem DL
80 Snare Stem DL
80 Sticks Stem DL
80 Synth BigLead Bm
80 Synth BrassEnsemble Bm
80 Synth Brass DL Bm
80 Synth Pad DL Bm
80 Synth Pad Resonator Bm
80 Synth Square2 Bm
80 Synth SquareLead Bm
80 Theramin DL Bm
80 Toms Fill Stem DL
80 Xylophone DL Bm
80 Yell Stem HUH DL
Drum buzz1 DL
Drum buzz2 DL