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75 south trap

South Trap

Category: Sound Sets
Genres: Hip Hop/Urban

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South Trap is the funky electro urban soundset with 29 loops that are great to use in modern hip hop and street beats.
Basses, drum stems, percussion and synth lines make this a useful set packed with nastiness!


Included sounds (click to preview)

75 808 ST Cm
75 Arp Synth ST Cm
75 Bass Synth 1 ST Cm
75 Bass Synth 2 ST Cm
75 Bass Synth 3 ST Cm
75 Block Perc ST Cm
75 Conga Stem ST
75 Crystal Bell Synth ST Cm
75 Cymbal Stem ST Cm
75 Guitar FallOff ST Cm
75 HiHat Stem 01 ST Cm
75 HiHat Stem 02 ST Cm
75 Kick Stem ST
75 Lead Pluck Synth ST Cm
75 Lead Synth ST Cm
75 Mouth HH Stem ST Cm
75 Mouth Perc Stem ST Cm
75 Open HH Stem ST Cm
75 Orchestra Hit ST Cm
75 Pop Perc Stem ST
75 Prophet Synth ST Cm
75 Snap Stem ST
75 Snare Stem ST 1
75 Snare Stem ST 2
75 Synth Bells ST Cm
75 Synth ST Cm
75 Synth Wah ST Cm
75 Tink Perc Stem ST
75 Vox Ahhh ST