Sound Sets / Psy-Trance

140 psytrance


Category: Sound Sets
Genres: Electronica
BPM: 140 BPM

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Pulsating bassline, warped synths and tons of Vocal FX drive this Sound Set into a psychedelic frenzy!


Included sounds (click to preview)

140 Bass Intro B
140 Bass Lead B
140 Kick
140 Noise Drop
140 Noise Rise
140 OHH
140 Snare
140 Snare Build
140 Sonar
140 Synth Arp Lead 01 B
140 Synth Arp Lead 02 B
140 Synth Lead B
140 Synth Pad Swell B
140 Synth Stabs B
140 Synth Wuav B
140 Synth Wuav Intro B
140 Vox Afraid Daisy Are You
140 Vox Alright Now Focus
140 Vox Kinds Of Joy Long
140 Vox Like To Dance Daisy Dont You
140 Vox Music Instrument Of Sin
140 Vox No Not Afraid
140 Vox Oh But I
140 Vox Oh What Did I
140 Vox Stop That
140 Vox You Were Humming That Music