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Bbb2 122

Bar Band Blues 122

Category: Sound Sets
Genres: Blues
BPM: 122 BPM

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Old school Blues Rock groove with 12 bar guitar and bass loops in the standard I-IV-V blues chord progression with alternatives. Includes 39 files: 4 basses, 8 guitars, 8 drumloopsand 19 old time radio vocal phrases of silliness.


Included sounds (click to preview)

122 Bass BBB1 E
122 Bass BBB2 E
122 Bass BBB3 E
122 Bass BBB4 E
122 Drums BBB1
122 Drums BBB2
122 Drums BBB3
122 Drums BBB4
122 Drums BBB5
122 Drums BBB6
122 Drums BBB7
122 Drums BBB8
122 Guitar BBB1 E
122 Guitar BBB2 E
122 Guitar BBB3 E
122 Guitar BBB4 E
122 Guitar BBB5 E
122 Guitar BBB6 E
122 Guitar BBB7 E
122 Guitar BBB8 E
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Vox Big News
Vox Brightest Floors
Vox ChildrenOrNot
Vox Family
Vox Forward Hey
Vox GoBacktoSleep
Vox HaHaHa
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Vox Lucky Stars
Vox Magnetica
Vox Punished
Vox RaisinRanchersRaising
Vox RaisinsWasRotted
Vox Ridiculous
Vox Weird Fake Laugh
Vox WhatUGonaDoDowntown
Vox Yee Hay Ooo