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Whack FX & Stuff

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Whack FX & Stuff contains 50 bizarre sound effects of acoustic and electronic manipulations of mass confusion. Cartoon hits and boings, electro-analog madness, avante gard sax and bagpipe riffs and other attention grabing soundfiles for the daring.


Included sounds (click to preview)

FX 2Horns Blast
FX ARP Space Werble
FX Advant Bag1
FX Advant Bag2
FX Analog LjudShot
FX Analog Rewind Stop
FX Bagpipes
FX Bird Whistler
FX Boing PFX
FX Boingading PFX
FX Burp 1
FX Burp 2
FX Clicker Kirk
FX CuckCoo
FX Distance Howl
FX Double Reed Sheng
FX Duck Whistle
FX Efxectively Shotdown
FX Emergency Police Siren
FX Funky Farm
FX GunShot Ricochet 1
FX Horn Punch Bonk
FX Hypercarpass Click
FX InsaneRobotCommander
FX Machine Gun Electro
FX Noise Down
FX Noise Up
FX Operatic Whistle
FX Pad Haunted
FX Robot Girl Warped
FX Scarey Nightescape
FX Scary Whistle
FX Sheep Horn
FX Shot Toy
FX Signaltone 2
FX Slide Whisle
FX SmurfHorn
FX Tenor Madness Lick 1
FX Tenor Madness Lick 2
FX Tenor Madness Lick 3
FX Tin Boing PFX
FX Toy Rip
FX Vox Ring Hellooo
FX Vox Sasquashed
FX Vox Singr
FX Vox What Would U Do
FX WhackArabGuitar
FX WhackMissionControl
FX Whack Whistle
FX Whistle Cartoon Style