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Electronic Dirty South

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Genres: Hip Hop/Urban

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Electronic Dirty South is 2 killer soundsets rolled into one, with 48 loops of cutting edge urban Electro vibes. Synths, FXs, drum stems, basses and drops make this soundset a great value for many different genre styles.


Included sounds (click to preview)

85 Bass Subwoofer 1 Gbm
85 Bass Subwoofer 2 Gbm
85 Bass Synth Analogic Gbm
85 Bass Synth EDS Eb minor
85 Clap Stem1 EDS
85 Clap Stem2 EDS
85 Clap Stem3 EDS
85 ElectricPiano EDS Gbm
85 FX Guitar Wawa Ebm
85 FX Harpeggio Ebm
85 FX Orchestra Hit EDS Eb
85 FX Pizzicato Syncussion Ebm
85 FX ReverseCymbal Stem
85 FX Stem1 EDS Ebm
85 FX Stem 2 EDS Ebm
85 FX Stem EDS Gbm
85 FX Sub Effect Stem Ebm
85 FX Tremelo Strings Stem Ebm
85 FX Vox Chant Gbm
85 HiHat Stem1 EDS
85 Hi Hat Stem2 EDS
85 Kick 808 Ebm
85 Kick 808 Gbm
85 Kick Stem1 EDS
85 Kick Stem2 EDS
85 OpenHat Stem EDS
85 Organ EDS Ebm
85 Percussion Snap Snare
85 Piano EDS Ebm
85 Snare Stem1 EDS
85 Snare Stem Fill EDS
85 Synth Arpeg Gbm
85 Synth Choir EDS Ebm
85 Synth Harp EDS Ebm
85 Synth Lead EDS Ebm
85 Synth Lead EDS Gbm
85 Synth Music Box Ebm
85 Synth Music Box Gbm
85 Synth NordLead EDS Ebm
85 Synth Pad EDS Gbm
85 Synth PortaHarp Gbm
85 Synth Stem PowerRiff Gbm
85 Synth Whistle EDS Ebm
85 Tamborine FX EDS
85 Toms Stem Fill EDS
85 Triangle Stem EDS
85 Tublar Bell EDS Ebm
85 Vox BreathChant Ebm