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95 nola bounce

NOLA Bounce

Category: Sound Sets
Genres: Hip Hop/Urban

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NOLA Bounce is the hot New Orleans style urban pack containing drum stems, synth lines, basses, FXs stems and percussion. 28 loops that are bpmed, keyed and ready to go!


Included sounds (click to preview)

95 Bass Subwoofer NOB Am
95 Clap Stem NOB
95 Cowbell 808 NOB
95 Cymbal Crash Stem NOB
95 FX Horn Stab NOB Am
95 FX Stem NOB Am
95 FX Vox1 NOB Am
95 FX Vox2 NOB Am.
95 Hi Hat Open Stem NOB
95 Hi Hat Stem NOB Am
95 Horn Fall FX NOB Am
95 Kick Stem NOB
95 Orchestra Hit NOB Am
95 Piano NOB Am
95 Shaker NOB
95 Snare Stem NOB
95 Syn Perc NOB Am
95 Synth ARP NOB Am
95 Synth Brass NOB Am
95 Synth Gated Pad Am
95 Synth Lead NOB Am
95 Synth MelodyBell NOB Am
95 Synth MusicBox NOB Am
95 Synth NOB Am
95 Synth Strings NOB Am
95 Synth Whistle NOB Am
95 Synth Wineglass NOB Am
95 Vox Perc Stem NOB Am