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Sky Foam

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Genres: Hip Hop/Urban

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Sky Form is the 28 loop urban style soundset from producer Al Sween. Includes fluffy synths, tough drum stems, bass, percussion and FX loops. Excellent stems to deconstruct or create downtempo tracks or to use at half tempo in 130 bpm beats.


Included sounds (click to preview)

65 BPM Cymbal Eb minor
65 BPM Digi Perc Eb minor
65 BPM FX Eb minor
65 BPM Hi Hat Eb minor
65 BPM Open Hat
65 BPM Snare1 Eb minor
65 BPM Snare2 Eb minor
65 BPM Snare3 Eb minor
65 BPM Triangle Eb minor
65 Bass UltimateSyn 1 Ebm
65 Bass UltimateSyn 2 Ebm
65 Crash ElectroCymbal
65 Cymbal Trap Crash
65 FX Cowbell Delayed
65 FX Horn Stab Ebm
65 Kick Stem 808 Ebmr
65 Synth Brass1 Ebm
65 Synth Brass2 Eb minor
65 Synth Choir Ebm
65 Synth ElectiWorm Ebm
65 Synth FXArp Ebm
65 Synth FuzzyPluck Ebm
65 Synth Gated Pad Ebm
65 Synth Marcato Strings Ebm
65 Synth Music Box Ebm
65 Synth Pizzicato Ebm
65 Synth Tremelo Strings Ebm
65 Tublar Bell Ebm