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110 idm


Category: Sound Sets
Genres: Electronica
BPM: 110 BPM

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IDM is the massive 39 loop collection from UK producer Andrew Potterton. Packed with ambient pads, esoteric beats, dreamy synths, bouncing basses and FXs in modern sound design. Very usable in a variety of cinematic styles or genre defying work.


Included sounds (click to preview)

110 Bass AbaDab IDM Bb
110 Bass Bounce IDM Bb
110 Bass HauntedHaus IDM Bb
110 Bass HottHaus IDM Bb
110 Bass Kwerk IDM Bb
110 Bass Speakerz IDM Bb
110 Beat 808Boom IDM
110 Beat BallBounce IDM
110 Beat BlastEm IDM
110 Beat BrainDance IDM
110 Beat CheapBoxx IDM
110 Beat HiRize IDM
110 Beat HottHaus IDM
110 Beat Kwerk IDM
110 Beat Merk IDM
110 Beat Skanner IDM
110 Beat Straightness1 IDM
110 Beat Straightness2 IDM
110 FX BrainDance IDM Bb
110 FX Fluidz IDM Bb
110 FX Glitchez
110 FX Skanner IDM Bb
110 FX Synth Stelarz IDM
110 FX WateryTone IDM Bb
110 FX WhiteGold IDM
110 Perc BrainDance IDM
110 Perc DoseBellz IDM
110 Perc Twerk IDM
110 Synth HiRizer IDM Bb
110 Synth Intel80tz IDM Bb
110 Synth Kwerk IDM Bb
110 Synth Pulser IDM Bb
110 Synth Quacker IDM Bb
110 Synth Skanner IDM Bb
110 Synth Slippin IDM Bb
110 Synth StrungString IDM Bb
FX Creeper Pad IDM Bb